Business Responsibilities for Asbestos

Directors and managers with the responsibility of employees, the general public and/or premises are familiar with their usual duties of care, however, may not be aware of the elements specific to asbestos.

  • Any non domestic construction built before year 2000 requires an Asbestos Management Survey
  • Identified asbestos requires an asbestos management plan
  • All employees or contractors likely to disturb asbestos require asbestos awareness training
  • All properties require a Refurbishment/Demolition Survey prior to commencing intrusive work

Asbestos Management

Under UK law, asbestos safety and duty of care are also a business requirement, wherever the business is based, wherever it takes place and by whoever carries it out.

Protect your business, your employees and your clients. Identify where asbestos exists, ensure proposed work areas are investigated and maintain awareness training and asbestos management records.

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Asbestos Management Solutions

Sarum Asbestos is pleased to advise businesses on any asbestos concerns and offers an economic, comprehensive Asbestos Management Service for your peace of mind. Call us on 07900 892261.

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